Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What Did they Tell Us they Need?

For over five years we have been interviewing parents and families about their greatest needs. It has been a fascinating journey and one that reveals a lot of surprises.

One, few of the families that care for a child or adult do not complain much, so we we first started our research it was hard to get them to say what they wanted. They only wanted to share their concerns about the kid with the disability.  We finally got them to talk about themselves and the rest of the family.

Second, the needs are surprisingly easy to remedy. Any church, friend, neighbor or cousin can rather easily fulfill their deepest desires.

Third, few people respond because they don't know the exact needs of a mom with a disabled child and are afraid to ask. And, we may assume, as many church leaders said, they conclude that the needs require a specialist with  Medical training.

NOT SO! They want a friend that will spend time with them and listen to them. They want a friend that will talk about adult ideas not just the sickness of the child. They want normal things. Can you just be a normal friend to a parent with a disabled kid without thinking you must have a Nursing Degree? 

Yes! Yes! We build lifetimes of beautiful relationships in families, businesses and churches.

Gary Sweeten

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