Saturday, February 13, 2016

Christians Have More and Better Romance? Yep!

Want more romance at Valentine's Day? Go to church and worship together as a couple!

One of the most successful lies ever launched into the ancient world is still prevalent in the  modern world. It is common to hear that "Christians hate sex" but that is a bold faced lie.

The corollary to that lie is "Christians do not have much sex because it is not enjoyable". The truth is that Christians have more and more enjoyable sex than just about any other group ever studied.

Many years ago I came across a study by the researchers at Redbook Magazine, a contemporary attempt to promote sex and hedonistic pleasures liked by secularists. They did a very large research study about the sexual habits and likes of their female readers. As an afterthought they included a question about faith.

Much to their surprise and shock they found that Christians always came out with the best scores. Not only that but the most committed and most faithful at prayer, Bible study and worship were far more satisfied than others.

The Redbook editors were stunned but, to their credit, they published the results. However, in later studies they left the faith questions off the questionnaires.

Why would secularists want to distort the truth about the beauty and pleasure of Christian relationships? Maybe they know that "Truth in advertising" would lead people to reject secular humanism and consider Christianity.

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