Friday, February 5, 2016

The Importance of Parenting Babies

These three remain, faith, hope and love; but the greatest is love. I Corinthians 13

It is not always easy to love a little baby. They may cry and squirm and want to eat any time. They poop in the diaper at very inopportune times.

Babies wake us up and care little if the parents get any sleep, even after a hard day at work. We can understand why we get irritated even when we love them so much.

We have known intuitively  for a long time that loving and nurturing children during early life was important. However, research now proves just how important nurture and caring are for the long term health of every child.

Little kids that are not nurtured, nuzzled and chatted with are intellectually, emotionally and relationally delayed. Talking and interacting with babies from earliest childhood is  especially important.

I have taught on the importance of dialogue with older kids and adults fir ages but never before about adults and babies. Read about it here. 

Baby and family dialogues is the ticket. It is that simple act that is so important to the development of brain. It widens the vocabulary of the child and stimulates the brain to add millions of new roots. I remember when I first read about why nursing a baby on mother's breast is key to its development.

A woman's breast is the exact distance from the baby which allows it to look into his momma's eyes and receive her love. Yep, the non-verbal warmth of the mother is as important as the milk!

And, if we neglect to love and nurture the baby we can forever hinder its intellectual ability.

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