Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Services for Families with Special Needs

The increase in the numbers and percentages of families in America dealing with the pain, stress and responsibility of caring for a member with a special need is straining all available systems. The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, our school systems, churches and individual families are overwhelmed with the challenges it presents.

I spent all day on Tuesday at a conference in Columbus listening to people from OOD attempt to develop better ways to connect family members with the state agencies and professional providers. Every person I met showed an enormous compassion for the individuals and family members but face numerous challenges in helping each family and special person access the services they need.

1. Finding Providers who are available, capable and able.
2. The lack of money to pay for services.
3. The tangle of laws, regulations, agencies, people, offices and experts who can give people the correct information in a straightforward manner. Everyone WANTS better and quicker communication but that is very difficult to accomplish.
4. Provider turnover because of low pay and lack of support.

Mr. Martin and his staff patiently listened and attempted to help but the difficulties in coordinating Washing and Columbus and each county are many. A non-profit called The Red Tree House has a great web site for interested parties. 

Pray for them and par for us. We are developing better ways to connect agencies and families. Go to the new web page to learn more. 

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