Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Find a Person of Peace and Offer More Peace

The key to witnessing as a Christian is being a peaceful person. Deciding who God will accept in advance will certainly be a barrier to an effective outreach. Do you know any preachers that are peaceful?

A lot of my friends criticize preachers like Joel Olsteen. They usually say he preaches prosperity and others complain that he preaches cheap grace. These two criticisms contradict each other. If he preaches prosperity then it is all about being righteous and good enough to deserve God's blessings but if he accepts sinners without telling them to change he is promoting unrighteousness.

Here is my two cents. Joel preaches a multi-step approach to God's blessings.

Step I. Come as you are to learn about Christ. You can be in any condition and still be among us and see Christ at work in us.

Step II. We will love you and nurture you into wholeness in Christ. God loves you and  wants an abundant life with you.

I think Joel is very peaceful.

As for cheap Grace, see a later post.

See my books, Hope and Change for Humpty Dumpty and The Healing Release of the Holy Spirit.

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