Friday, February 26, 2016

Sweeten Life Systems Innovates to Solve Difficult Problems

In a former post we laid out the way Jim Donovan and I innovated different ministries in our church. There were differing age groups in our church back in the 80's and each one had different needs.

Today I want to build on that post to share how we are developing ways to solve very difficult problems in society.

One of the greatest challenges of our time is the need to deliver good health care to people without bankrupting the nation. A large part of our challenge lies in the increasing numbers of people who suffer from a chronic problem. Young and old as well as middle aged people are diagnosed with a problem, disease or disability.

Chronic problems are rarely discussed in the press except as a focus of a fund raising event or to promote compassion and empathy. However, these kinds of problems are very expensive and they are growing rapidly. Our Medical solutions are getting better so people live longer with severe medical problems. Additionally, there are serious family relationship problems that accompany the increase in medical concerns.

Government and private agencies are overwhelmed as are the families that utilize them. Sweeten Life Systems, Inc has been studying these concerns and looking at innovative ways to solve them.

Christians of compassion are concerned and wish to help but have little success in getting Ministers and churches to open their doors to these families and their loved ones. Traditional solutions are limited in impact as are the ideas presented by Professionals in the field.

Any meaningful solutions will require great research, deep, thinking, prayer and cooperation. Our research has paid off in revealing ways we can get Professionals to work with the Home to develop better Solutions. In fact, we have developed a brand new organization named PHA.

Professionals + Home Care = An Advantage! (PHA!)

Pray for us as we search for better ways to implement our solutions.

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