Monday, February 29, 2016

Breaking the Poverty Cycle

There are many stories about the various ways Christians and other people of compassion are managing to Break Cycles of Poverty.

In the article cited here the author talks about the key to helping people live better economically, emotionally and spiritually. We have seen it around the world as we train Pastors and Missionaries how to show their families ways to prosper in faith, hope and love.

We train people how to live in love as well as live in eternity and live in prosperity. By living in love, hope and wellness are fostered and the entire family prospers.

In Russia we have seen thousands of families get sober, healed and build healthy families. From daily drunkenness to daily sobriety is a miracle. As John Wesley said, "I love to work with the poor because they do not stay poor after coming to Christ. They quit drinking, gambling and abusing their families and they go to work and make money to support the church."

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