Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Power of Positive

When we had an In-Patient program I often visited with the residents and opened their minds by asking a trick question:

Me: "Good morning Joe. How is God treating you today?"
Joe: "Oh, Great! God is good!"
Me: "Joe, are you treating yourself as good as God treats you?
Joe: Stutteringly replies, "Well, no! That would be selfish."

Most of us are trained to say, "God is good! All the time". But we are also trained to think and say, "If I offer myself blessings, grace and mercy I am being selfish".

That is a classic Double Bind that causes a deep crises of faith. As a result many of us wind up with STINKING THINKING! or thinking that fills our Self-Talk with self condemnation and 

I suggest that we will only believe and receive God's
goodness when we agree with Him about offering mercy and grace and truth to ourselves.

To learn more read my PDF book Power Christian Thinking.

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