Thursday, February 11, 2016

Can Women and Children Traumatized by Evil Recover?

The simple answer is "YES"!

The deeper answer is, "Yes but it will take time, patience and prayers"!

There is no Shock, Trauma or Abuse that cannot be redeemed and healed. It takes some well trained, sensitive, loving and mature men and women to do it.

We have trained thousands of people around the world in the desperately need work in Inner Healing". The term Inner Healing simply means that the emphasis is on the wounds of the inner person rather than the diseases and wounds of the physical body.

For centuries Bible believers have been involved in Seelsorge or Soul Care. Read the books of Psalms, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes to see examples from the Old Testament. They were the Pastoral Care Manuals of their time. The image above shows anointing vessels from hundreds of years ago. They show that people called for the Elder Leaders to come and attend the sick back then just as we do today.

Read the following books by myself and our team. They are on PDF and can be downloaded to learn how to minister Soul Care.

The Healing Release of the Holy Spirit
Power Christian Thinking
Breaking Free from the Past

Gary Sweeten

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Soul Care in the homes of Mongolian believers The man on the right is our good friend and colleague from Norway, Kjell Aanensen who has taught care and counseling all over the world.

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