Monday, February 8, 2016

Pessimistic People

Why are so many people, especially Christians, dismayingly pessimistic? Why do I read so many sermons, books and articles pointing out the crises, sins, falls and failures of ordinary and leading Christians?

As I write this I think I may have a partial answer. Because the Pastors and Preachers have such negative ideas about God. When I was still actively leading a Christian Counseling Clinic and In-Patient Program, I regularly had classes with our Clients. Without exception, they had encountered a problem in life, and failed to rise to the occasion with high Christian ideals and failed to live like a perfect Christ follower.

The result was a spiritual, emotional and behavioral disaster of depression and rebellion. That failure led, of course, to more Guilt and Shame and eventually to depression and Compulsive Behavior such as pornography, overeating or

The believer attends church or skkes Christian Counsel and more than likely receives the same advice that Job got from his friends: "You have sinned so repent and die!"

My Clients told such stories over and over again. They saw God a big Judge ready to beat them with the Law and the Christians they knew exaggerated their fears with more condemnation. The entire clan was immersed with Pessimism and Punishment.

The leaders do not communicate that God is filled with love and mercy.  They believe God has no grace except for those who deserve it and work hard to get it.

If I had a God like that I would also be depressed and drunk!

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Gary Sweeten

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