Friday, February 19, 2016

St. Paul Says Answers to Drugs are Found Here

Trauma leaves us weak and confused about how to treat our inner pain. As a result we may attempt to treat ourselves with food, sex, drugs, alcohol, anger, ETC. It does not work, of course, and, in fact, it fertilizes the pain, causing the downward cycle to grow and gain speed.

Got a drug epidemic? Then we have a problem with inner loss, trauma and pain. What can we do?

Heal the pain!


Let me point to the Bible passages that puts a lot of things into perspective. They are found in I Corinthians 13 which is in the middle of 12 and 14, two chapters on the importance of spiritual gifts.

St. Paul decided to place the greatest hymn on record right in between two great chapters on power and truth. In another book, Paul mentions that he knows how to act but finds it extremely hard to do at times.

Why not read Chapter 13 for  yourself and ask a couple of thought provoking questions.

1. Write it down word for word.

2. Write what does it say in your own words. Imagine you were told to say the same things without using his terms.

3. What does it say to you?

4. What will you do this week as a result?


Gary Sweeten

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