Monday, February 29, 2016

The Post Communism Challenge to Missions

                                Our Model for Missions

We have been active in training Missionaries and Pastors in many nations. The result is a partnership where we support the locals and they have total control over what they accept and what they reject.

We never attempt to tell them what to do. We are not in control. We follow the Model of Jesus and Paul, and we are impacting thousands of people.

That is difficult in nations that have always been under the control of people in authority because they expect we will tell them what to think and what to do.

Our current ministry behind the former Iron Curtain has grown dramatically with hundreds of people finding freedom in Christ from drugs, alcohol, domestic abuse, and chaos at home and work. We see healthy marriages, healthier churches and great leaps forward of Eastern Christians taking the lead.

I spoke with our friends last night for over an hour and a half by Skype. That means my overseas call was FREE! Amazing.
The world, the flesh and the devil are all conspiring to thwart the onward march of Christ's work among the people.

One man is especially on my mind as an example of why we minister as we do. He was a recent convert to Christ who was placed as Pastor by a Western Missionary Organization that tried to control him with California ways of operating a church. He attended our training secretly because had his California benefactors known they would have pulled all financial support from him.

He attended in great fear but he knew he was too broken to Pastor successfully. Over time the Lord touched him and gave him healing and wisdom. He is now a key leader among churches in his region.

Pray for our brothers and sisters. They need our love, equipping and compassion. I cannot give names or places online because it is no safe. However, call me and we can chat personally.

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Gary Sweeten

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