Thursday, February 11, 2016

Divorce Prevention

There are many questions and much confusion about the causes, consequences, cures and statistics about divorce. I am committed to act in ways to discover the causes of divorces and help couples prevent them by taking anti divorce action early in marriage.

My personal and literature research convinces me that the CONSEQUENCES on the individuals, the families, and the children from DIVORCE are many and long lasting.  However, I am also convinced that it is possible for churches and families to take simple steps to help couples stay together in a peaceful and productive relationship.

I am stunned that so few churches and other religious groups do little to support marriages and families. My Mentor said something to me several years ago that can be applied in this situation.

Gary: Why do we need to teach these people how to behave? Won't the naturally live like the Bible says?

Bob: Gary, the only things that happen naturally are bad and sinful. Everything else requires work.

We will show you the kind of work that makes fun and joy an everyday reality.

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