Monday, September 3, 2012

Vanderbilt Squeezes Christians Out

Vanderbilt squeeze

This story tells about how Vanderbilt is forcing Christians off campus.

They are at war against Christianity. Is a war against Christians on campus be good for Vandy? Will Richard Dawkins and his minions flock to graduate school there because the school cannot stand diversity? Is the modern secularist university is so obsessed with Political Correctness that they will squelch debate, open discussions and religious diversity? Will accusing us of hate speech stop us from preaching the clear meaning of the Bible?

Will it be good for the Campus groups? Will they prosper as the early church did when it was persecuted? Will it be better for Christians to think of themselves as a minority who must struggle to meet and worship God rather than think of themselves as in the majority so they do as they please? Will it help us become more humble and thoughtful or pressure us to stop trying?

What does this say about the future of Christianity in America? The Obama Administration just passed an order that Christian colleges and ministries must provide health insurance for everyone in their employ.  Then they passed a rule saying that the insurance had to cover birth control and abortion. Will future Government edicts refuse to allow these groups to have Christians in leadership offices? Will Vanderbilt be a harbinger of things to come?

Maybe persecution by the Federal Government is a good thing. Maybe it is God's will for America to have a mandated national insurance plan that requires Christians to engage in unbiblical activities.  It could be God's way of forcing Christians to take a stand like they have in other Socialist nations.  The possibility of a fiery furnace would get our attention. An Underground Church might be the best thing that could happen.

Only time will tell but Vanderbilt is just the first step in a long fight against secularist schools and government officials.

Gary Sweeten

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