Thursday, September 27, 2012

Love Your Muslim Neighbor

There are two polar opposite ways to react to the attacks by radical Muslims on Americans over the past several years. Both come from a deep fear and deep anger but they seem opposite in root as well as fruit.

Reaction #1. is to get angry and react to the attacks by suggesting that America drop an atomic bomb on downtown Cairo, Egypt and all the other places the people are rioting. Few people would serious suggest this but in the heat of the moment of hearing about the riots our feelings of revenge get the best of us. This is the position often taken by Conservatives in America.

Reaction #2. is to deny that most Muslims do not dislike us and the only thing that causes these riots the American Christians who make videos that insult Islam. American policies and American Christians are the real villains. This is the Politically Correct position often taken by Liberals in America.

Neither of these positions will hold water. IMO they are both based on anger, fear, denial of reality and a desire to avoid the reality of a world wide cultural conflict. the partial answer is for Christians to lead the way toward mutual understanding and dialogue. However, that will not solve the problem with jihadists who want to kill all Christians and Jews.

For Christians who wish to know more about Muslim Theology, culture and how to minister to them in peace, come to the seminar this Saturday. 

Come and attend the one day experience called Dare to Love on 9:30-3:00 on September 29, 2012. Register at You can call 513.898.0700 for more information.

The event address will be kept secret for security reasons until you receive your tickets.

The focus will be primarily on understanding Muslims so we can present Jesus Christ to them in a way that avoids getting stuck in our own world view and prejudices. Ron Peake, VP of Sweeten Life Systems is speaking on the basic theology of Islam and how to minister to them. We will have a booth at the conference.  It will also cover the roots of the Islamic  Jihad which leads to suicide.

Muslims are increasingly coming to Christ, abandoning Islam and its deadly practices. You will hear more about how to share the good news effectively on September 29. I worked closely with Muslims in Asia for three years and found them open to the gospel if presented in love and respect. 

Islam Theology is a Catch 22, no-win situation for truly committed Muslims. Through Christ they will find freedom, eternal life and security for today and forever. My message will also show you how to enjoy eternal liberation from condemnation, anxiety and fear.

Gary Sweeten 

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