Saturday, September 15, 2012

Church Building Destroyed in Moscow

Joe Stalin; A man of great evil.

Our ministry is well acquainted with the repressive policies of the government in Russia. They still use many of the Soviet style ways of pressuring churches, pastors and the people. At about midnight on September 6, without warning, police and thugs showed up at a Pentecostal Church in the Eastern Suburbs of Moscow and started to rip it down. When the Pastor and members showed up to get the song books, musical instruments, and other valuables out they were stopped so everything was crushed and destroyed.(See the story here.)

This midnight invasion was a favorite way the Soviets used to intimidate and terrorize Christians, Jews and other religious believers as well as successful business people. They hated the wealthy and those who loved God and did everything possible to stop them.

Over the 70 years of Soviet rule some 12,000 Orthodox Church buildings were destroyed. Additionally, 92,000 Russian Orthodox Priests were killed plus thousands of Protestant Pastors and Deacons. The Pastor of the Pentecostal Church that was illegally razed last week had already spent 18 years in prison because he refused to deny Christ. Now he faces a homeless congregation.

We are committed to supporting the underground churches as well as those that are visible. Please give generously to our ministry so we can send assistance to the Russian leaders immediately. One of the most powerful Christian leaders in Moscow is a former Muslim who has a very effective outreach to Muslim groups in the former USSR.

We cannot advertise the names or locations of our Russian colleagues. It is not safe to do so. Above all, pray for their safety and health.

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