Friday, September 28, 2012

10 Ways to Offend People in Pain #10

When you meet a friend or family member deep in sorrow, pain or illness it is always possible to make them feel even worse. Take courage from the friends of Mr. Job, he was in so much pain that he could barely stand it but those mischievous buddies made it worse.

I really like the simple way they added to his sorrow. "Curse God and die!" was a favorite mantra. God has abandoned you because of your great sin so quit trying to please God and give up. Just curse Him and die!"

It is another way to be a Prophet and see that the future is even worse than the rotten present. Do you know anyone who consistently predicts evil, difficulties, pain and failures? I was having trouble with my Blood Pressure and one friend predicted that this was just the beginning of a long path toward destruction and death.

I suspect that you all know about the placebo effect. A placebo is a treatment designed to encourage a patient to believe he is receiving an active medical ingredient when he is not. Yet, despite the fact that the sick person is getting a sugar pill or another harmless substance, the patient often gets better. Why does he/she get better? he has faith in the treatment.

The opposite is also true. People who put you down or put your medicine down is lessening the possibility that it will help you get better. Negative can make us sicker! Stay away from such people lest they drag you down. And, do not accept the things these negative people tell you. Download my Power Christian Thinking book today and learn how to make your own placebo effect on a daily basis.

Gary Sweeten

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