Friday, September 14, 2012

Perhaps the greatest need in American churches is helping men and women enrich their marriage and family life skills. We preach against divorce, out of wedlock births and the problems arising from single parent homes but few churches do anything positive to prevent them. The lack of marriage enrichment in Christianity is especially troubling because we know the main causes of troubles and how to prevent major crises. Despite that knowledge, we largely fail to do anything to help couples.

Some churches have a Divorce Recovery Group but few have a Divorce Prevention Group or a Premarital. Go to the Sweeten Life You Tube Channel to see some great videos on dealing with differences in marriage and how to develop better communication patterns or see our web page for more information on family life. 

The Third Option is also a great program in Greater Cincinnati for marriage enrichment and Divorce Prevention

                                         “A Way to a Better Marriage”
                                                   FREE CHILDCARE
                                         Location:   Montgomery Community Church
                                      11251 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45249
                                      Day and Time: Monday OR Thursday 7 PM until 9 PM
                                        Chaplains Dick and Karen Beckman, Directors

Schedule  9/17/12 (M) and 9/20/12(TH) Through 12/3/12(M) 12/6/12(TH)

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