Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hope for Muslims

I am fascinated by the discussions and observations of Islam and Islamic Radicals  offered by Radio and TV Pundits. Most of the comments are devoid of any real understanding of the theology of Islam and how it is so different from Jewish and Christian Theology. Let me hasten to say that Radio and TV Pundits have almost no basic insight into Jewish and Christian Theology either.

It is frustrating enough to me to hear the pundits to share their ignorance but when it comes from people in the Federal Government it is scary and  maddening.  For the spokespersons and officials to act as though Muslims will like and support the USA because we are nice and offer them money and protection is to misunderstand them deeply.

There is an almost complete lack of insight into the culture, religion, social practices and psychological defense mechanisms of Middle Eastern Muslims.  So much of what we hear comes from people who have never studied Islamic ideas or the peculiar culture of the Middle East.

For Christians who wish to know more attend the one day experience called Dare to Love on 9:30-3:00 on September 29, 2012. Register at You can call 513.898.0700 for more information.

The event address will be kept secret for security reasons until you receive your tickets.

The focus will be primarily on understanding Muslims so we can present Jesus Christ to them in a way that avoids getting stuck in our own world view and prejudices. I am speaking on how to see the roots of the Islamic practice of Jihad or which leads to suicide.

Muslims are increasingly coming to Christ, abandoning Islam and its deadly practices. You will hear more about how to share the good news effectively on September 29. I worked closely with Muslims in Asia for three years and found them open to the gospel if presented in love and respect. 

Islam Theology is a Catch 22, no-win situation for truly committed Muslims. Through Christ they will find freedom, eternal life and security for today and forever. My message will also show you how to enjoy eternal liberation from condemnation, anxiety and fear.

All who attend my workshop will receive a coupon for a free book of basic theology that allows you to better understand Christianity as well as Islam. It is The Healing Release of the Holy Spirit.

Register today and start praying for the Muslims who need Christ and His peace.

Gary Sweeten

PS I spent a week doing ministry to the First Responders at Ground Zero. I saw first hand what happens when Muslims and others have no hope for eternal life.

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