Thursday, September 20, 2012

Preaching This Sunday

I am getting to speak again this Sunday on how to make yourself and others crazy. The topic is the power of Double Bind Communication Patterns to lead us to Double Mind Thinking. As St. James said, "When we pray, do it with faith and certainty of God's love, grace and mercy."

Catch 22 thinking is how we describe it in America because of a book by that name that became a famous movie by the same title. It was a novel about how the Army Air Force in WWII would not allow fliers to stop going into combat unless they asked a Psychiatrist for a mental exam to prove they were crazy. However, if the flier DID ask for the mental exam it was proof that they were not crazy so they had to keep flying into danger. In other words, "Heads you win, Tails you lose".

Parents, Parents and Government agencies that treat people like this do so to keep the masses under control. The Communists intentionally did this so the people would develop symptoms of anxiety and depression and were easily controlled.

Religion can easily fall into this trap because it has eternal consequences and because we serve a perfect God who demands perfect obedience. However, those who believe humans SHOULD be perfect find it impossible to attain in reality. Thus, the most pious and committed believers often fall into depression, anxiety and fear because they cannot be what they should.

Come to The Dwelling Place at 10::30 AM Sunday and discover how to escape from this death dealing false choice and find peace within. The Holy Spirit will be there so why not join in good fellowship, worship and sharing the word of God.

9335 Remington Road
Loveland, OH
United States of America   45140

Gary Sweeten

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