Friday, September 21, 2012

Suicide Bombings and Theology

 For the past two decades we have heard a lot about suicide bombings. In most cases the people who are killing themselves and others are Muslims. And, over 90% of the people are killed are Muslims, almost all whom are civilian women and children.

What part of the Muslim theological system could possibly promote such behavior. In this latest  round of insanity, riots, killings and suicide the supposed reason is a cheap video developed by some person or persons last April or May who live in the USA. I have not seen the video and I shall not see it. I join with all those rioting Muslims who have not and never will see the video.

You and I might ask, what happened to set these rioters off? What part of Islamic theology was so offended that it leads hundreds of thousands of them to kill people in the name of "The religion of peace"? Especially when we know that none of them has watched it.

On Saturday, September 29 I will wade into the deep waters of theology, anthropology, psychology and mob dynamics to discuss these issues. Afterward, you will know a lot more about how to pray, how to respond to your Muslim neighbors, and how to witness to them.

The link below will take you to the international ministry called Call of Love so you can watch a Dare to Love TV episode on their website.

Gary Sweeten

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