Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Key to Evangelism

The conference held today in Cincinnati on reaching out to our Muslim neighbors was, from what I heard, a great success. This topic raises all kinds of scary possibilities and it is rare for any ministry to take the risk of doing a public conference on the topic.

Why is this such a sensitive subject? Let me count the ways.

1. Most Christians are terribly afraid of the terms Witnessing/Evangelism/Outreach/ and so forth.

2. There is a lot of tension in America and the world now because of the history of wars we have waged in the Middle East. Adding to the angst is the fact that many Americans have lost their lives and or suffered PDST as a result of the wars so anger, revenge and guilt hang heavily over Islam and the Middle East.

3. The attacks on 911 and the suicide bombings by Muslim radicals has poisoned the relationships.We fear for our safety.

4. We do not know how to answer the theological questions raised by Muslims.

5.  We have never met and talked with a Muslim and are anxious not to offend them by doing the wrong things.

Name your own reasons: _____________________

The conference Call To Love, which I had to miss because of illness, was the first of its kind in this area as far as I can remember.  It was well attended and the information was terrific to assist Christians in getting over our fears of reaching out to our neighbors.

They also have a weekly TV program so all of us can learn better how to connect without fear to the people next door no matter what they look like or how they worship.

While doing ministry in Asia the Holy Spirit opened doors for me to become very well acquainted with the Muslim community. I met with them, ate with them, trained them how to mentor their children, visited in their homes, taught in their Mosque and learned to like them.

I also studied their basic theology, psychology and sociology to be better equipped to train the telephone counselors and Muslim Domestic Court Mentors they asked me to train. I taught their leaders frequently.

There are over one billion people on earth who consider themselves to be Muslims. They worship Allah and revere Mohamed. They know little if anything about mercy, grace or God love. The most effective ministry to any group or individual is with love, grace, mercy and acceptance. However, with Muslims it is even more important. Like Hinduism, their religion is a harsh master. If we can show God's love and compassion to Muslims it will knock their socks off.It may also help them become open to Christ.

First, ask God for a Muslim to show compassion on.

Then pray for God to bless them with peace. then be nice and caring and compassionate.

Outreach is easy. It is all about developing a great relationship with another human being and allowing God to do the work of salvation.

Our materials will teach you how to listen, love and learn from God.

Gary Sweeten

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