Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ten Sinful Things we Say To People in Pain #2.

Did you read my last post on this? It might be a good place to begin this journey. On the other hand it might make you uncomfortable so stay away from it. Review the Book of Job to see how friends can sin boldly against a suffering man. Can we count on you to be one of Job's Friends?

Sinful statement #2. This is happening because of sin in your life. This approach is an extension of #1. We have no idea why God is doing what God is doing in our life let alone in your life. But this sinful action statement goes even farther into presumption and bad theology. It is egregious to an extreme.

Not long ago an old friend was diagnosed with cancer. Several of her friends at a supposedly Evangelical, Bible believing church made this comment about her sin to her. She said to me rhetorically, "You have no idea what crazy things people say to you when you have cancer. I was already scared to death and I needed someone to LISTEN not jump to the conclusion that this evil disease was the result of my sin."

First, that is the definition of Karma not Christ. It proves we are thinking like a Hindu not a Christian. To say that Karma, or getting what we deserve, is more powerful in my life than the love, forgiveness and grace of Christ is heresy. The judgmental "Friend of Job" is sinning against the Seeker. By her theology, the cancer will likely boomerang back onto her! (That is NOT my position.) "By grace are you saved and healed not by works."

Second, it further wounds the Seeker who is suffering from emotional and physical pain as well as doubts and fears. The faithless "Friend of Job" is adding to her misery. It is a violation of Ephesians 4:29 which says, Let nothing come out of your mouth that does no build other up.

Third, since Life or death are in the tongue it could very well cause the Seeker to be emotionally, spiritually and physically weaker.  Her cancer might get worse due to a lowering of her immune system. Life and death are real.As we can see in Ephesians 4:29 we can make others and ourselves healthier or sicker.

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Gary Sweeten


Anonymous said...

Give me examples from your own life.

Anonymous said...

I get nervous when I read this because I fear seeing my sins listed.