Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Middle Eastern Ministries

Anyone who has followed the news in the Middle East knows how troubled and tragic it has been for the people. Wars and rumors of wars have left people of all kinds traumatized, fearful and anxious. This is especially true for the Christians who are a tiny minority among the majority of Muslims.

I was blessed this morning to meet with two young sisters who grew up in a Christian home in Beirut, Lebanon. Both were called into ministries of evangelism, outreach and compassion. Each is using her gifts and passion to minister to numerous Muslims and Christians.

One of the sisters, Salam, lives here in the Cincinnati area and heads with her husband a ministry of teaching Christian leaders and congregations how to reach out in love to Muslims in America. Their ministry is Call To Love @ 513.898.0700 and I am speaking at their September 29, Dare To Love Seminar and hope you will be there to hear about this unique organization. 

The other sister is Nada who heads a different kind of ministry in Beirut. She has a Master's Degree in Counseling and uses her talents, education and gifts to minister in love and healing to women suffering from depression and family trauma. Her ministry is called I Am A Woman Center and 95% of their clients are Muslims.

I was able to give Nada a lot of my materials for training Lay Helpers how to minister more effectively to these hurting women. Please pray for her as she works to develop more Helpers to join her in the outreach to battered women.

Pray for me as I continue to develop high quality materials for families and disabled children here in the USA and around the world. Go to the Sweeten Life web for my books and materials.

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