Friday, September 21, 2012

Sinning Against the Sick and Suffering # 7

Unfortunately, seven is not a lucky number or the perfect number. It is an especially pernicious number when used to describe another way to cause people in pain to feel worse than they were.

Here is #7. You are sinning by seeing the Doctor or "Your are sinning by taking medicine."

For many going to a Doctor is equal to a lack of faith in God. The street name for this kind of theology is:

Name it and claim it!

Blab it and grab it!

One day when I was at College Hill Presbyterian a friend called to say he wanted to take me to lunch. I loved that idea so we headed off to the local Chinese place for some lunch. Once we had sat down and ordered he pulled out a book by a well known FAITH writer and began to lecture me on how poorly I trusted God for healing. The first evidence was me because I had been sick and went to the Doctor for medicine.

Secondly, my sermons and the sermons of others, especially in the healing ministry, were lacking in commanding people to deny they were sick. Many times we even mentioned the diseases and symptoms from the pulpit and in the newsletters.

Although he was a pretty nice guy he was treating me like a baby who had been developmentally delayed. However, he had bought lunch so I was willing to trade my adult status for a free lunch. He and I debated the theology behind his ideas and he became frustrated. Then he asked, "But Gary, don't you believe we are certain to receive everything we pray for? If I pray for you am I not guaranteed to see you receive it?"

My answer shocked him and it may shock you. I said, "Oh, I hope not." I definitely do NOT want to get everything you pray for me". He said, "Why not?".  Here is the real kicker in the theology that he and others peddle.

"I do not trust you nearly as much as I trust God. I want what God wants for me. I have faith in God but brother I have little faith in you, your motives, your understanding God's will and your love. Do you trust me as much as you trust God?"

He pondered that for a moment and then replied, "No. I do not." Then he said, "I think I need to throw those books away."

The Bible tells us that "We do not even know how to pray" let alone pray perfectly. I usually try to join in with the deep groans of the Holy Spirit and let God's grunts and groans guide me. RO 7:26

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Gary Sweeten

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