Thursday, November 17, 2016

Which do you Prefer; Guilt or Shame?

                                   Shame on Christmas

For many years I have been writing and teaching about the radical difference between Guilt and Shame. Over the past few years the topic of shame has become written about and talked about very much.  ( The Healing Release of the Holy Spirit.)

Bene Brown is a wonderful speaker who became quite famous by sharing on the challenges we face when shame is a factor. Her take is very interesting from a Secular Psychological point of view.

Psychologically, Guilt Feelings are warnings that "I have done a bad thing. I have failed or sinned. 

On the other hand, Shame feelings arise when I think that I am a bad person. 

These distinctions can be helpful in Counseling and secular education. However, from a theological/spiritual point of view, they fail to get to the basic questions and thus will fail to give people ongoing peace.

From a biblical and spiritual point of view, True Moral Guilt is a legal concept based on the fact that I have violated the law. If I speed and get caught by RADAR the police will give me a ticket. That ticket says "You are Guilty!" I may not feel guilty. In fact I may FEEL angry or resentful or self pity but not GUILT. But I am guilty! The ticket will require Justice.

We who violate God's standards are Guilty. We deserve justice. Most of the people in the world that violate God's Laws do not feel guilty. They feel happy and satisfied.

Shame from a biblical view is a sense of that I have lost my Identity as a child of God and membership in His Family. That means I have also lost my Inheritance of eternal life. It is also based on facts not feelings but, like Guilt, if ignored, deep, negative feelings can  haunt us.

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