Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Future Under Trump

                   We need a Moses & God at this point in time.

Many of our friends overseas are worried, sad, concerned, upset and overwhelmed with the election of Donald Trump. I am deeply touched by the fact that we have so many friends and Christian colleagues around the world.

As I read their posts on Facebook, Twitter, and eMails I am left with one query. "What is it about Mr. Trump that causes such concern?"

In America, we are used to rocky, angry elections.  We grew up in a strong Democrat family with deep union ties. One of my worst whippings came after I walked across a union strike line at age 10 or so.

Nothing caused more displays of anger and strong language than an election. My dad never saw a Republican he thought was a Christian. How could such a reprobate be born again. And this was from a man who taught me about Grace and Mercy.

Prostitutes could be saved, addicts could be saved. Thieves could be saved. But Republicans? The jury was out on that question.

So, political arguments that get rough and hard nosed are nothing new to me. It is hard for me to join in the national practice of resist attacking those with whom I disagree. Both the Left and Right attacked the other side and said awful things about each other. Attacks that are contrary to my biblical beliefs about "Speaking the truth in love".

I often failed by what I thought and sometimes enjoyed saying things that were wrong. Despite my family history of politics as a blood sport, my sins were not my dad's fault but solely mine.

When Wikileaks and secret tapes revealed things the candidates said or wrote I was often convicted of my own faults. I was often happy that I was not taped when I went on one of my rants or told terrible jokes 20 years ago. In fact, such a prospect leaves me in a cold sweat.

Despite such a rough election season, we are seeing the former enemies come together with statements of mutual support and future cooperation. The stock market is soaring because investors believe the Trump Administration will be great for business and industry.

The balance of power from Left to Right is transferring at a  steady rate with peace and cooperation. America shall make it from one party to another without violence or riots. We cannot know the future but we trust God for that not politicians.

Keep us in prayer. The USA has a great need for wisdom and spiritual guidance. Whomever won the election would need God's daily, moment by moment presence to oversee our national response to the crises in the Middle East, Russia, Asia, and our inner cities.

Gary Sweeten

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