Monday, November 21, 2016

Russian Kids Wanted to Understand American Thanksgiving

Way back in 2002 Steve Griebling and I traveled to Russia to train key Christians how to foster a peaceful, healthy transition from Communism to Democracy. It is impossible to explain what happens in a nation controlled by aggressive atheists.

1. Sunday school was prohibited.
2. Christians could not share their values or ethics in medicine or social work. 
3. 12,000 churches were closed. 
4. Speaking openly about God would result in a loss of going to college and getting a job. 

When we visited a private Christian school the Director wanted us to share about:

Why we have a national holiday dedicated to Thanking God. 

Why we have an inscription on our money dedicating ourselves to God.

Why Christian values permeate our laws and culture. 

These fresh faced kids were very eager to hear about Christianity in America. Steve and I were very happy to share the good news with them.

Are you thankful we live in a nation with a day to thank God for our bounty? I am.

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