Monday, November 14, 2016

Churches that Impact the World

Most of our materials were developed after God called us to implement Ephesians 4;11- 6. It tells God's leaders to " Equip God’s people to be priests and ministers to each other

In other words, every church needs to be an Educational Center. Every church is supposed to became an equipping center that builds loving relationships with God, self and others. That means we are to focus on helping people discover their gifts, call and ministry and then learn how to carry them out as God's Spirit leads..

The term equip in Greek is Katartismos. It has several possible meanings, all of which point to growing into maturity.  

My Swedish friends say in that language it is used to mean ‘to outfit a Viking ship of war.’ The image of various officers recruiting and establishing a ship that is on a long voyage into hostile territory is an apt image for the churches of Christ.

The Officers are Elders who must think long term about the health and welfare of the ship's crew. Sailing vessels travelled for months and even years so they had to plan for every contingency for a long, dangerous journey.  They had to select and train gunners, food servers, carpenters, doctors, sail makers, navigators, and so forth.  People became sick, wounded, and sometimes rebellious. The officers had to discipline the crew and be a leader.  It was warfare, which meant every crewmember had to be well equipped and cross-trained. (Captain and Commander, 20th Century Fox, 2003 is a view of the requirements of leadership.)

We believe that equipping means that leaders are to:

  • Master a curriculum that covers the basics of sailing and going to war.
  • Mend the broken hearted
  • Mobilize Christians for service, caring, sharing, and loving ministry
  • Master the Bible and spiritual teaching
  • Ministry Skills that promote the mission they are on. 
Equipping God's ships are still required to equip the crew to operate all of the ship's mechanisms and organizational structures.  It is the entire crew, not just the officers, that do 99% of the work on the ship. 

If you are interested in equipping, see our stuff and download one of our eBooks dressed up on a PDF file that you can download and give to your friends and be a hero. 

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