Friday, November 4, 2016

Does God Still Speak to Us?

I just read a friend's post that said his dad passed away. He had dementia but was coherent several times about saying God was calling him home before long.

Do you believe God speaks today?

Can He get through to people with Alzheimer's?

Can God break into our chaos and confusion?

My Paternal Grandmother hear the Lord say she was going to pass that night and get ready.

She had a disabled son so she called some neighbors and asked them to cover over and care for him.

Then she walked a half mile and died at a neighbor's house next door to us. Mrs. Story called us and said, "Mrs. Hayes just came to my house and said the Lord had called her home. Shes at down in my rocker and went to sleep."

We walked next door and saw Grandma Hayes sitting in the rocker with her eyes closed. It was a remarkable moment of God's grace to her, my parents, my Uncle and us kids.

I can still remember it clearly after 65 years! When God's Spirit arrives we tend to perk up. Come Holy Spirit!

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