Saturday, November 12, 2016

Peacemaking after the Election

Many people are shaken by the election of Trump. We were all stunned and surprised by it because the polls said that Hillary was going to win by a landslide.

Many Christians and their leaders were shocked and shared their emotions publicly. I posted several articles on my blog and Facebook page and I got hundreds of hits and comments. They are split about 50% for Trump and 50% for Hillary. Some were very critical of Trump and others were critical of Hillary. So, we have a divided country in terms of politics.

Who is correct?

I am not sure of anything as a result of the election. I look a the people who voted more for Trump than they had for Romney and see that Hillary received fewer votes from women than Obama did! 

As a Christian and citizen I attempt to support candidates of good character who promise policies close to my values. That is not easy. My heart goes out to my friends and fellow Christians who voted for Hillary and are sorely disappointed.

I do not share their fears that we live in a more dangerous world but I understand their anxiety.  Trump acted so differently than any other candidate in my lifetime. He intentionally insulted individuals and groups to get the approval of certain groups whose votes he needed to win. 

We do not know how he will act. It is too early to predict. But his past reactive and unpredictable behavior certainly leads many to worry about him.

Other friends think Mrs. Clinton is a terrible leader. They dislike the ways she attacked the women her husband had affairs with and she was caught in several compromising behaviors with an insecure email system. The underground videos of her surrogates setting up violent attacks at Trump rallies plus the way she promotes abortion were also keys to fueling the fires against her. 

At this point all the major candidates have offered statements of forgiveness and pledges to work together for the nation. This is a good start to future harmony but we have much work to do. 

Can my counseling and equipping experience be useful to those that want to be blessed as Peacemakers?  I am praying about that right now. Will you pray with me?

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