Sunday, November 6, 2016

Ideas About Growth and Outreach

Every organization that wants to remain strong must grow internally and externally. There is a journey inward to strengthen the people, the systems, communication, etc.

As we grow internally, there must also be a push to grow in impact those persons outside the organization. Both are critical to the church.

Some are very good at building community inside the church but the fact that  people inside are so close it is hard for anyone new to "break into the old system". However, the churches that want to thrive must focus some of its time and energy on those outside the community.

If you are in a church that needs and wants to reach out to new people, take this personal check list to assess your knowledge and interests. If you and a small group of friends are interested, have everyone take it and discuss the choices of everyone individually and see if the Holy Spirit nudges you to do something different. 

In my Experience, who is most likely to welcome discussing Christianity;

Persons reared in church but lapsed ______
An atheist ___ 
Prodigal children____ 
A person in crisis____
Never heard___
 Another faith___ 
A friend___ 
A relative___

In my experience, the most effective way to reach others is:

Revival Meetings___ 
Marches against sin___ 
Help poor___
Child care___ 
Children and youth programs___
Programs for addicts, depressed, anxious, etc. ___
Interesting seminars on marriage, parenting, business, etc. ___

In my experience, the greatest barriers to faith are:

Sinful Preachers, Priests___ 
Past hurts at church__
Past hurts by parents______ 
Science ___
All religions are the same___ 
Bible errors___ 

What Writer, Pastor, Friend Has the Best Ideas about Outreach?


About Inreach/Discipleship? _______________________________________________________

What churches do you nominate as the best/most successful in reaching out?

Write your insights and ideas on the letters section. We want to hear from you. 

You can also get my cleverly named book to help you. (Hope and Change for Humpty Dumpty!)

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