Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Christian Voters

What have I learned, if anything, from this election? I learned that I needed to re-learn some basic truths.

1. The Kingdom of God will not come on Air Force I. It will not come from politicians and legislators. No one is pure or operates on biblical ideals. We are not electing a Pope.

2. The Devil's Kingdom of death, greed, corruption, dictatorial policies and police, slavery, can arrive from politics, and legislators, and judges.

3. Voting is just one important step in the incremental process of protecting Christian values of life, liberty, freedom of speech, freedom or religion and freedom of meetings.

4. Many Christians lost the ability to preach, read scripture, pray, meet, rear children, help the poor, care for the sick, etc because they backed evil leaders.

5. Evil people seek to control good people. We can elect evil people.

6. Pray for freedom. Fight daily for the freedom of all people as it says in the US Constitution.

7. Donate to organizations that love and promote freedom.

Gary Sweeten 

The bones of innocent men, women and children in Cambodia after Pol Pot's reign.

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