Monday, November 14, 2016

More Peacemaking in America

Let me briefly post something about the advancement of irenic behavior in my Cincinnati lifetime. We moved here from Illinois in 1967. The divide between denominations, races, politicians, nationalities, languages, etc was pretty high. Each group tended to stay in its own Tribal Identity.

In the Sixties and Seventies

Christians in America went through a series of very dramatic changes socially, racially, culturally, and especially spiritually. Several streams of revival came to us in profound ways. (Revivals are times when people develop new and dynamic relationships with God.)

The streams of revival included student groups, lay renewals, Billy Graham, Charismatic groups, healing movements, confessional movements, etc. As a result, there was a Fourth Great Awakening. Revivals bring new spiritual life and awakenings bring new social and relational life.

Thus, barriers were brought down between groups previously divided. Our house church groups had former Baptists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Church of Christ, Roman Catholics, Blacks, Whites, Appalachians, Holiness, Jews, etc involved. We had former and current clergy, professors, missionaries, nuns, women, men, and students.

This was in 1970. The combination of Revival and Awakening is the usual way God works. First, get our hearts changed with God and second, with our neighbors.

The revivals and awakenings were led largely by young people. We old people were used to keep the kids focused and stable because revivals always lead to exuberance and wild claims. 

But I believe a new revival will come or is arriving through young people again. I cannot work full time and stay up all night praying in battles of spiritual warfare anymore! But the youth can so go for it!

My constant prayer during the election season was:

"Come Holy Spirit. Bring revival. Do it again!"

 You can support us here if you like revivals. If you want to fight, don't bother.

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