Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What Mentors, Coaches, Helpers Need to Be a Success

I can remember one time I met with my mentor and discovered how awful I was at building relationships with my family. I was struggling at home with a wife and young baby and failing at my relationship with both. So I asked Bob to help me make figure out why my wife was so unhappy.

I had a BS in Education and an MS in Counseling so I had a lot of information about building good relationships.  I had made good grades in school by acing the tests on the topics relating to building rapport with students. My insights about theories were solid. However, it was the practice of the theories that eluded me.

Bob helped me by pointing out that I was actually worse than I suspected. That hurt badly but then he applied mercy and grace to the pain and showed me how to improve. I went with him to visit people in the hospital and watched how he gently opened the door for them to share. He spoke very little but listened and applied tender prayers for their health.

You can read a similar story of a young Episcopal Priest who was assigned to be a Hospital Chaplain and discovered he was terrible at it. What he learned and how it impacted him is worthy of a thorough study by anyone that wants to improve her or his interpersonal relationships.

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