Monday, August 15, 2016

Why did Jesus Not Heal Everyone....?

Early in my Christian walk I had answers to many if not most of the hard questions about God, Jesus, the Trinity and more. I even knew why God healed some people and not others.

My friend Larry Chrouch, a businessman and teacher of biblical truths extraordinaire, responded so well to to a group of Christian leaders in Norway that I will repeat it here as my current answer. "Why some people were not healed? " the theologian asked, after Larry and Ellen Chrouch related their testimony. The 300 or so Pastors' at a renewal conference had heard them share some amazing stories about God's healing grace and wanted to know what to do or say if a person was not healed.

His answer, as best remember it,was: "After 20 years in the healing ministry I have many more unanswered questions than I did at first. However, I am more convinced than ever that God heals."

Larry was a master of simple but profound sayings that penetrated and summarized a tough biblical mystery with humor. He had a million of them.

So, I join my friend and say, "I used to think the Bible and faith were puzzles that we could answer if we knew enough. Like a crossword puzzle, we can fill in the blanks with our perfect knowledge. 

Now I believe that much of life and godliness is a mystery. 

The mysteries are deeper and the challenges huge but I still believe God heals, saves and delivers. 

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