Friday, August 19, 2016

How to Promote Innovation and Change Introduction

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If you are not riding the wave of change--you'll find yourself beneath it. Anonymous

Many large organizations develop separate, independent groups and systems to lead innovation. Trying to innovate in an organization while maintaining the health of the current system is very, very difficult. Individuals and systems find innovation extremely difficult.

Revivals and Awakenings in religious life are times when large scale innovations occur. As I read church and political history it is apparent that there are times when God breaks into a large system and causes an outbreak of new ideas, music, ways to communicate and organizational structures. (These things also occur in scientific and political systems.)

In most cases, those in charge of the current ways of doing things strongly resist the new ideas. Sometimes, the ideas become so filled with emotion that conflict breaks out between the innovators and the traditionalists.

Just read the Old Testament and see what happened when Prophets confronted the current kings and leaders with the needed changes. Saul was happy with David as long as the shepherd was on his side. However, when God sent Prophets to crown him as the new king, Saul was very unhappy even though he knew the prophesy was from God.

A New Testament example is Brother Peter, the Rock that is immovable! As he prayed the Holy Spirit showed him a vision to which he responded, "Oh no, Lord. I cannot do what you are saying. I am too committed to my past traditions!"

God had to repeat the vision and commands to eat that which was considered to be unclean. Despite those direct commands from God, The Rock stood firm and said no!

That sums up the problem all innovators have and it is especially difficult because we rarely have God's voice speaking directly into the Elder Board members' ears!

Resistance is predictable. So, what can we do about it, Mr. and Mrs. Leader???

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