Sunday, August 14, 2016

Self Worth of a Leader

For some years I have offered my counseling free to Christian leaders. Several have asked me to help them deal with anxiety, worry, depression, conflicts, marital and family concerns, etc. in many cases the situation boils down to the leader trying to over function. We can call it burn out, workaholism, compulsions, etc. it does not matter what the name, it is a person trying to do what only God can do.

The Olympics has reminded me of a chronic problem of leaders. We compare ourselves to the best in the world when we might well be good enough to play in our city or county. One wag suggested that every Olympic event needs a normal person in the competition so we can compare the top people with the average person.

Many preachers and leaders compare themselves with the top TV Preachers or the top authors. Some even ask themselves, "What would Jesus do?" That is like asking "What would Michael Phelps swim if he were in the pool with me?"

No wonder so many leaders are anxious, depressed and subject to moral failure! They look at Rick Warren and say to themselves, "You should be as successful as he is!" Or worse yet, "I should heal like Jesus did!"

When watching TV golf I warn my wife that the game they play is completely different than the one I play. I am really reminding myself not my wife. Ask, "What did Jesus do, not what would Jesus do!"

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