Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How Jesus DID Confront the Men that tried to trick Him

In my post about Jesus and the mob of judgmental males that tried to trick Him I asked my readers to pick the post apart. I want readers to think and disagree. I attempted to be provocative but no one bit. Is it because I failed to provoke you?

Can you analyze the John 8 passage and see how Jesus was extremely confrontational?

John 8 reveals how Jesus used extremely smart ways to avoid what I call "The Devil's Dilemma". It is a ploy that the enemy so often uses to distract us from the Kingdom.

The Devil knows we are weak and easily fall into the traps of moralism, legalism and judgmentalism. All he must do to divert our attention away from salvation by grace is to throw out an easy question about sin, guilt and punishment.

We easily fall into that trap and the potential converts are persuaded that we hate them and worse, that God hates them. As a result, they run away from us and God as fast as possible.

Please exegete this chapter with me and try to understand how Jesus acted. It might be a possible role model for us as well. Read the passage and ask yourself:

To whom is He speaking?
What was the main question to Jesus from the manipulators?
How could Jesus have answered?
How did Jesus answer?
What did Jesus do to answer them?

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