Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Growing Up

Research reveals that it takes about 5-7 years to develop the skills required to move from being a First Line Supervisor to be an effective senior leader. I think that is too short. It usually takes a lot longer. 

How mature does a Christian leader need to be before he or she is ready for ministry? I wonder if the immaturity and brokenness of many well known current Christians that makes young people shun the church and God. 

Famous TV Preachers and maverick Roman Catholic Priests have ruined many lives and brought shame onto the Name of Christ.  

I like to ask Pastors and seminary students how long it took Saul to become Paul and be ready to lead the apostolic move to the Gentiles. What is your answer. look it up and count the time yourself. Was it immediately afterwards? Most clergy think so.

Next question: "Who trained/discipled Saul? Why did Saul need to be trained before he was ready to preach and teach? 

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