Friday, August 26, 2016

Heroin and the Hope

I attended a meeting of about 130 concerned citizens of Mason, Ohio last night. It is a group led by Mark Stecher, Campus Pastor of the Mason Crossroads Church. The terrible problems of heroin overdoses is an overwhelming issue.

It called for churches and community groups to get together and fight against Heroin. Crossroads is mobilizing people by gathering everyone to come together at 7:00 AM the first and third Tuesday mornings in Mason.

Is that enough?

Yesterday at lunch I met with Josh Willis of Hamilton who has fought drugs all of his adult life. He set up a place for addicts to come for healing way back in the seventies. He recently retired and turned it over to a Psychiatrist.

Josh stills wants to fight against drugs. But how? 

Because of our compassion and desire to do something, do anything, we can rush into short term solutions without thinking of the future. People that are hooked today have an ACUTE PROBLEM that requires immediate treatment answers.

 The answers are not in cleaner needles or more speeches but in expanding treatment centers both residential and outpatient. 

I started an inpatient and outpatient program for addicts and behavior health in 1989 called Life Way Counseling Centers. The clinic continues to operate. Call 513-769-4600

Long term we have a CHRONIC PROBLEM requiring prevention and structural changes. Education does not help much. The DARE programs were/are failures.

What do you suggest?

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