Friday, August 12, 2016

Are You Anxious about America's Future?

Well, how do you answer that question? 

Are you frustrated, upset, feeling hopeless?

Do the candidates leave you wishing and praying for a perfect candidate?

For me the answer is Yes!. However, my man was crucified because he challenged the power structure and promoted righteousness.

I admit that as a former news junkie I have stopped a lot of TV watching recently. The media seem to be more unrighteous and malevolent than the politicians.

I know a lot about emotional manipulation and lying but these elections push even my limit of understanding. The lack of morals and ethics from the media tempts my blood pressure to rise and I do not need any assistance in that regard.

I am concerned about the future of an America. I have always thought our democracy was built on the Constitution. It is not perfect but it is a wonderful foundation. Now I see that the judges decide on the way people feel and how they look. I have seen the terrible results of that in Africa, the USSR and Asia.

I thought Americans would alway stand for right and wrong. But now I am concerned that such a foundation is gone.  The Ten Commandments are anathema to many people. The media and some judges hold the laws of Europe to be superior to our constitution. Of that I despair.

The fact that many want to kill the weak and frail is the opposite of our heritage. Righteousness was not at all popular  when our nation failed we change slavery, Jim Crow and other abuses of power. Our nation regained its senses but we seem to be slipping back into the callous disregard for those who cannot protect themselves.

I am thankful I believe in God. Only God has a chance to change things that are such a mess. Will God step in before the crises become so overwhelming that we cannot recover?My answer is "Maranatha!"

Peace. Support our ministry here. We still promote love, joy and peace.

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