Thursday, August 18, 2016

Why Did Jesus Not Confront Adulterous Sinners?

Have you ever seen Pastors or Counselors advertise they are uniquely Christian in their ability to change people by simply confronting them about their Sin and sins. "We know that Jesus always confronted so we alway confront sinners" they seem to say.

The fact that direct confrontation does not always or even usually bring positive changes in others does not deter the true believers from preaching a confrontation message.

Since facts about real people do not work, we can examine the biblical text and see what Jesus really did. (One of my favorite ways to deal with folks who say things like, "The Bible ALWAYS tells us to ___________" is by asking them to give me a series of texts that proves that point.)

Let us examine one of the most famous texts in the New Testament. The men of a certain village brought a woman to Jesus and asked what they should do with her. "She committed adultery so should we stone her?"

The people that say they are just like Jesus and always confront sinners may dislike this passage. Here was a perfect opportunity for Jesus to show off with His ability to implement the Law of Moses.

A circle of men demanded that Jesus interpret the Law for them had set a trap. In Counseling jargon it is a Triangle between the Law and the woman as well as a Triangle between the men and the Law. Their question was a gentle and direct invitation for Jesus to get caught in between the side of the Triangles. They wanted Jesus to confront her!

Jesus was too smart for them. He refused. His response was brilliant. It was a model for all of us.

Go to John 8 to read the story carefully.

Name the main characters.

How did Jesus treat the characters?

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