Saturday, August 27, 2016

Helping Addicts

I am often asked about how to assist people with serious mental, emotional, relational and spiritual problems. Perhaps it is because I am the founder of several Professional and Peer Counseling organizations. Our team established one of the largest Peer Helping Ministries in the USA.

Then we established two LifeWay Inpatient units for people with Psychiatric problems and Addictions. The outpatient centers are still in operation. I am retired from active practice.

For the last few years I have been training churches, schools and community groups how to improve the human relations and healthy activities of their members. We raise the level of positive relationships and prevent more serious problems.

Because of the current issues with heroin, there are many questions about ways to treat addicts. Here are some hints.

1. If you are concerned about addictions of any kind and any substance, start now to equip the healthy members to be healthier! Do not wait until there is a crisis.

2. Helping an addict to find sobriety is possible. However, it is very, very daunting. Do not start with addicts. Support experts that provide Counseling and equip Peers to stop enabling addicts.

3. People can become addicted to anything animal, vegetable, mineral, or spiritual. The object is unimportant. Sex, dope, food, TV, video games, alcohol, violence, ETC.

4. If you want to focus on addiction start Al-Anon in your church or community center. (That is for family members and friends of addicts.)

5. Start a 12 Step Group in your church or community center for addicts can be a good thing.

6. Find people that are in recovery and ask them to advise you. You do not need Doctors or highly educated experts.

7. Stop preaching against addiction.

Preach for people, for healing, for recovery, for grace, for mercy, for love. 

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