Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Visit by Steve and Janie Sjogren in Cincinnati

Steve and Janie Sjogren moved to Cincinnati in the mid 80's and planted a church. It was called Vineyard Cincinnati and became one of the fastest growing congregations in America.

Steve was an innovator and change agent. He "invented" one of the most creative and effective outreach programs in church history. Hundreds of thousands of people have heard about the love of Christ all over the earth.

I was playing golf with a Pastor from South Africa in the 90's when he began to share how he and several other Pastors in his city organized a citywide campaign to care for the poor and left out people. They called it Servant Evangelism!

I said, "When did you meet Steve Sjogren?'
He replied, "Who? I never heard of him."

Servant Evangelism has spread all over the earth and is being a very effective way to reach out to people even if they do not recognize the founder.

Steve has not finished. he has started a new venture or two. Go to his web page and sign up for his webinars. 

The webinars are on his blog at the same address.

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