Sunday, August 7, 2016

Leaders Must Think Like Modern Citizens

I can remember when it hit me that many of our members in the congregation probably knew more about the world than we who supposedly "led" the church. I was chatting over a cup of coffee with a man that had just returned from a week in Europe. He spoke about how different things were in Europe and the USA. Then he said that Christians in America need to study their situation to see why they had largely rejected Christianity.

My friend was a researcher at one of our biggest companies and it was his job to understand how demographics, and other changes in a culture impacted marketing and sales.

His most shocking statement came next. He said,  "The Europe that we know is dead. They have practiced 'Zero Population Growth' for decades and now the birth rate is far below the rate it takes to replace our parents. This means that Europe must import millions of immigrants to fill their jobs. The new immigrants have far different values, cultures and goals. The Old Europe is dead! It is too late for traditional Europeans to catch up with the new immigrant population."

That was at least 30 years ago and he was right.

It is also coming true in America today! We have been following in their footsteps for a long time. Zero Population Growth ideas grew up during the hysteria of the Seventies when Leftist idealogues began warning about the great danger overpopulation.

They coined a new term: "The Population bomb!"

The hysterics never considered the fact that many countries like China, India and Mexico, to name a few, would keep producing millions of babies annually. Second, they never figured on immigration and travel. As a result poor immigrants from north Africa, Africa, and Asia are flooding into the wealthy western nations.

These people do not share western values about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Nor do they understand and agree with our ideas of democracy. So, like Europe, monster changes are coming. What do we as caring people do?

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