Thursday, June 2, 2016

Where Does Pain Come From?

One of my family members lost an arm. The brother of the man found it and took it to the funeral home and they buried it. Later, the victim complained that his arm hurt. Terribly. It was, he said, buried in an award way so it was hurting him.

The friends and brothers went to the burial ground and dug it up. They opened the box and straightened the arm as the victim watched. As soon as it was straight, the pain left the man's phantom arm.

How can that be?

Why was there pain in the first place?

Where does pain come from? The arm of the brain? If it is the arm. How could it hurt after the limb was gone from his body? If it is stuck in his memory bank the pain will remain as long as the memory is there.

Why did the pain leave after the arm was straightened out? What changed?

Tell me what you think.

(Hint! It is not in the arm.)

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