Monday, June 13, 2016

Healing the Brain Maps

Traumatic events actually leave an impression or map in the brain. And, the pain of the original even can get worse over the years. How does that happen?

It is rather easy to explain. The pain increases the same way a habit, good or bad, increases over time is we continue of practice the same behavior.

We have lived north of Interstate 275 around Cincinnati for almost 15 years. The entire time we lived here we exited the ramp from I-71 to Field's Ertle Road by turning into the ramp and stopping in a few yards at the traffic light. We could go straight or turn either direction on Mason Road.

This summer they changed the exit. It now loops around the exit to take me straight onto Mason Road. Each time I come to the exit my old habits return and I am tempted to turn down the exit the same ways I have fo 15 years. It takes mental energy and conscious thought to restrain my "natural" habit. That temptation can remain for months or even years.

Old Habits Die Hard!

The more we develop a habit, the stronger it can  become and the longer it takes to change it. Imagine for a moment that you and the family go out after a big snowfall with tubes to slide down the hill behind your house.

The first few slides you can't guid it too well because it tends to choose it's own path. However, after five or ten repetitions, a nice, deep pathway has been formed and it is easy to slide down that worn path. And, it is not easy to steer the tube out of the path.

The brain is like that is well. Events that are good, bad or even traumatic can be deepened and strengthened when after the initial event we think about it over and over. So, if we want to build a strong habit of a positive nature, meditate on it over and over. In the same way, rumination, or negative meditation, will build a bad or painful habit.

Every person develops both so if you want to delete negative habits and strengthen great habits, read my books found in Ebook PDF form at Sweeten Life Systems. 

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