Thursday, June 30, 2016

Why do Europe and Russia have so many Addicts?

Did you realize that the percent of people with addictions in the former USSR was higher than most inner cities in America? When we first heard the Lord call us to raise up people in Russia we asked some experts about drugs and alcohol abuse.

One of them said, "Alcohol abuse is very bad and other drug use is growing. As many as 75 to 80% of adult males are alcoholics.

I did not believe him. Then I visited Russia, walked on the streets and spoke with those attempting to help. They thought it was higher still!

When digging a little deeper I discovered several main causes or roots to that massive epidemic.

Only 20% of the men born in 1923 survived WW II! They would have been 17 to 20 years old during the war and most were killed.

The trauma and grief left by such slaughter in the entire nation is unimaginable. The entire nation suffers from PTSD. It will take tens of thousands of people trained in Inner Healing to liberate the Russian people.

Pray for Russian Christians as they minister inner healing with God's love and power.

Gary Sweeten Support us as we tackle that task. 

Pray for Paul, a recovering alcoholic, who leads groups and trains others to lead.

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