Thursday, June 16, 2016

Peace in an Anxious World

The current political and social upheaval in America as well as around the world is had to understand and even harder to solve. Why are so many people so angry and bitter?

Our family life, culture, schools, friends and faith builds within us a set of values and rules that always seem right and special so when we interact with those with different values it is a challenge to know how to respond.

Persons from a home and culture that has helped us "Leave home" by developing the ability to think clearly, reasonably and cooly are able to encounter differences and challenges by responding without losing control.

This is a rare thing to behold. When we meet a person like that we need to learn from them.

It is far easier to REACT with anxiety, fear, defensiveness, anger, aggression, etc. It is a "The Fight/Flight Response" that indicates he/she has failed to integrate his views and has a deep fear that others will force him or her to change.

Take this scenario. I am interacting with my young son who says, "Father, I am ready to leave home. You are oppressing me and I must be on my own".

(The kid is obviously immature and REACTIONARY!) But his immaturity is a real test for me. Does this attack by my son push a button in me that I also REACT as badly as my child?

Could I respond with the same coolness and calmness that the father in Luke 15 did? Am I as mature and peaceful as he? Can I could Respond in love and patience or be as REACTIONARY as the elder brother did when his little brother came home from sowing wild oats.

It is a big challenge to respond with Fruit of the Spirit instead of bitter attacks. It can take a lifetime of worship, Bible study, prayers, worship and pain to become peaceful in the presence of immaturity in others at home, work and politics!

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